A landlord is unable to obtain possession of their property without first obtaining a Court order. Obtaining possession by any other means will leave you open to a claim against you for unlawful possession which could costs you thousands.

There are generally two routes for obtaining possession, you as the landlord should consider which is the best way of obtaining possession quickly and cost effectively. If you are not sure we are able to assist you. An initial assessment will take place to check that you have complied with all the relevant regulations and requirements before commencing possession proceedings. This will help ensure that your application is not struck out for non-compliance and or you are not fined or convicted. We offer a competitive fixed fee and no compromise on service.


All landlords are under a legal obligation to ensure that your home is free from disrepair and meets a standard which is fit for you and your family to live in. If you have notified your landlord that your home is in need of repair (for example you have had periods of no heating, no hot water, the windows have excessive draughts, the electrical installations are hazardous) and they have failed to carry out the required work, we can obtain an order compelling them to carry out the work and pay you compensation for the stress and inconvenience caused.

Contact us and we will carry out an initial free assessment of your case, once we are satisfied that your prospects of success are high, we are able to offer you our service on a no win no fee basis.

Lease Disputes

Services charges – There often comes a time when as a leaseholder you question the service charges demanded or the actual services provided. By considering your lease and applying the relevant legislation we can assist in an initial assessment as to whether you are liable for the charges being demanded. If the matter is unable to be settled, we may assist you with your application to the Tribunal under Section 27A of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 which allows leaseholders to apply to the Tribunal for a determination whether a service charge is payable and, if it is, whether the amount being demanded is reasonable and had been reasonably incurred.


Prior to the termination of a lease there are generally obligation that the tenant will have comply with in relation to the condition of the property. The actual scale of the obligation is not normally realised until the landlord serves a schedule of dilapidation on the tenant. In many instances the schedule is disputed. In such cases we here to assist you in negotiating the best possible outcome.