A healthy cash flow is important to both businesses and individuals. Recovering a debt from a regular customer, family members or a friend can sometimes put you in a difficult situation. We will endeavour to avoid Court action where possible and will provide you with a diplomatic, cost efficient and effective debt collection service. If Court action becomes necessary we will keep you informed of the process and all the options available to you.

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Warrant of executionPay in full Paid direct to youAccept Claimant sendsacceptance to CourtAdmit/part admitto pay by installmentsRejectClaimant sendnon-acceptance to CourtAcknowledgeextend by 14 daysIgnore the ClaimformClaimant files judgementafter 14 days on formN205A (CPR Pt 12)File defence(CPR Pt 15)Alloc questionnaireSumm Judgment (Pt 24)Small claims <£10kFast track >£10k<£25kMulti-track >£25k Settle JudgementJudgement EnforcementTrialDirections hearing or chambers orderSettlementThe defendant has 14 daysto decide whether to..Claimant posts to the court 1)Claim N1 2) Fee 3) Pre-Action ProtocolsCourt prepares & serves claimand sends you Claim note (N205A)Debtor attend questioning Attachment ofEarningsThird party ordercharging order of propertyWinding UpBankruptcy

Undisputed Debt Recovery


Initial consultation:  £75.00

Debt recovery review:  £110.00

Debt recovery letter of claim:  £110.00

Second letter:  £45.00

Preparation of claim:  £220.00 per hour  (time estimate 1.5-3 hours)

Request for judgment:  £40.00

*Our maximum fee to issue of the claim:  £1000.00


Court Issue Fee to Issue Claim


Claim Amount                                             Fee

£25-300                                                        £35.00

£300-£500                                                   £50.00

£500-£1,000                                                £70.00

£1,000-£1,500                                             £80.00

£1,500-£3,000                                             £115.00

£3,000-£5,000                                             £205.00

£5,000-£10,000                                           £455.00

£10,000-£200,000                                      5% of the claim

£2000.000 +                                                £10,000.00


Disputed Debt Recovery Proceedings


Undisputed fees as above apply, additional charges are:

Direction’s questionnaire:  £40.00

Disclosure:  £220 per hour (time estimate 1- 3 hours)

Witness statement:  £220 per hour (time Estimate per statement 1.5 – 3.5 hours)


Additional Single Items


Routine letters out:  £22.00

Routine telephone calls:  £22.00

Routine emails out:  £22.00


Additional Attendance/Preparation


Consideration of Documents:  £220.00 p/h

Preparation of documents:  £220.00 p/h

Attendance and conferences:  £220.00 p/h


Court Hearing Fees


Small Claim  £35.00 – £335.00

Fast Track Claim  £545.00

Multi Track Claim  £1,090.00


Barrister Fees


Barrister fees vary, a quotation will be obtained from counsel to represent you at the trial of your matter.